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Traveling without Students

Instructions for completing Travel Forms when traveling WITHOUT a group of students


Please submit the following documents in one packet to the Center for International Education, Gwendolyn W. Stephenson District Administration Center (GWSC 313) 30 days prior to departure. Partial or incomplete packets will not be accepted and returned. Reservations should not be made until the travel has been approved. 

Use the International Travel Paperwork Checklist as a reference.

  1. Fillable Request for International Travel Form must be signed by your supervisor and the Director of  International Education, Dr. Michael Brennan at GWSC 313 prior to travel. This form requests the following attachments:
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of visa (if applicable)
  2. Out of District Travel Expense Form. The BEFORE THE TRIP section needs to reflect the estimated costs the college will be covering. Be sure to include the account number and supervisor’s signature.
    • Meals: The per Diem rate for meals when travelling internationally is dependent on the funding source. Read more.
    • Attach supporting documents for estimated expenses such as flight search result, estimated program cost, accommodation search, etc. 
    • Copy of itinerary
  3. Proof of travel Health Insurance (Medical and Emergency Evacuation Insurance). There is no cost to HCC faculty and staff.
  4. Instructional Plan (if applicable): If a faculty is missing any classes because of the requested travel, s/he must submit the explanation on how to support learning and the required instructional minutes per course.

Once all documents are reviewed and signed, the Center for International Education office will submit the fully approved paperwork to the President's office for final approval. Everything will be returned to the traveler including the ORIGINAL Out of District Travel Expense Form.  


Within 10 days of returning to the U.S., complete the ORIGINAL Out of District Travel Expense Form’s AFTER THE TRIP section. Attach all necessary invoices and receipts to support  the expenses and mail the entire packet to the Center for International Education (GWSC313). 

Hillsborough Community College Center for International Education